How to Find a Nanny

Finding a nanny today is much easier than most people imagine, but in reality you're not looking for just any nanny, you want the "Perfect Nanny".  You want the nanny who will not only have skills, training and experience that "makes a nanny", but the nanny who fits your family.  You want a nanny who is caring, trustworthy, responsible and who truly loves to care for children....your children.

Many parents still believe the only way to find a great nanny for their family is by engaging the services of an expensive Nanny Agency, employment agency or through the use of local classified ads.  In the past they would have been right but with today's internet, finding a great nanny can be much easier, faster and far less costly for parents.

Internet based services such as We Need a Nanny have access to many thousands of experienced nannies looking for a great family.  Without the high costs of maintaining office space and a large staff, we're able to provide parents with access to more qualified nannies then most agencies at a fraction of the cost. 

Why let someone else choose who they think is the right nanny for your family?  We Need a Nanny provides parents with a service that is easy to use, convenient and secure.   Our service provides a two pronged approach to finding a nanny:
  1. Job Ads - Our "Job Postings" are just like regular classified advertisements with a few big differences:

    • Your job posting is automatically sent to all of our nannies in your area the same day it is created.
    • Postings are fully searchable by all of our nannies as well as new nannies before they register.
    • You have complete control over your job ad and you can make changes to the ad whenever you want, no waiting for approval, changes are made instantly
    • You can create as many job postings as you choose, with no additional fees
    • Job postings are displayed to local nannies while they are logged into our members area, greatly increasing exposure and response

    • Job Ads are included in our membership fees, absolutely no additional fees for posting jobs

  2. Nanny Search - Why wait for a nanny to come to you, our system allows parents to search for nannies using a simple but powerful search engine.
    • Search for nannies by PostCode, and limit searches to a specific distance from you
    • Search based on the nanny's availability, skills, training, hourly rates and more
    • Sort search results by distance, rating or how regularly they look for work
    • Easily view complete details on any nanny
    • Contact nannies directly from search results, or save time by creating a list of favorites and email them all in one shot
According to our members, utilizing both the job ads and nanny search system makes finding that Perfect Nanny a fast and easy process that really works.  In fact 85% of our parent members who use both systems are able to find a great nanny in 10 days or less.

If you need a nanny but not just any nanny, don't waste your time and money letting someone else choose the person who will care for your children.  Register with We Need a Nanny today and you'll be just days away from hiring the perfect nanny you want. 

With our 30 day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose.....Register Now!

Have a question?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist.