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  • Sarah S - 37 year old Female
    Hi! My name's Sarah. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and get to know a little about me. I am happily married for the last three and a half years to my husband, Will, whom I have been with since late 2001. While we do not have children of our own, I have focused my career on helping kids as an Educational Assistant with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and during my summers I have taken time to help families like yours by taking care of school aged children. Over the last three years I have had many opportunities to work with children from different age groups. I very much enjoy working with school aged children because they want to learn everything they can and I believe that I could help with that by planning engaging activities. Your children can expect to have games to play, crafts to do and learn new things throughout the day. As a professional Education Assistant during the school year, I enjoy structure coupled with an understanding that kids will indeed be kids. That they crave some borders, but flourish when encouraged and inspired. As a Nanny during the summer time I have had the pleasure of working with families with children who had special needs. These summer experiences often inspire me to learn something new and compliment my experiences. In my spare time I like to keep busy. I often start my days off with a morning workout and when I find myself idle, I try to busy myself with one of my crafts. I really enjoy making collages, which has me collecting and cataloging clippings from all sorts of mediums. I also like to make jewellery and do bead work and I also paint in mixed media format. As for likes and dislikes? That is difficult. I am very easy going and adaptable. If I encounter something I do not like, I tend to express myself in a calm and mature manner and attempt to address it. I don't believe in bottling up what I think or feel and I believe this lends to my calm and rational nature. Again, thanks for taking the time to read this short bio about me. I hope you like what you read and encourage you to contact me as soon as possible should you have any other questions.

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