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  • Tracey B - 45 year old Female
    I qualified as an NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board) in 1988 and have 25 years of invaluable experience. The NNEB course is a two-year intense Diploma accredited course, which includes more than 40 childcare courses with a minimum of 40% practical placement time. At the time it was one of the most advanced childcare courses one could take. I started my career as a nanny to several families, being in sole charge of children from infants to 5 years. One family that I worked with entrusted the care of they baby/toddler twins for one-week periods while they worked abroad. I stayed at their home during this time and took responsibility for the care of their children, undertaking such duties as maintaining the cleanliness of the children's room, play areas and equipment (toys, furniture..etc..), laundering their clothes, preparing healthy and nutritious snacks and meals. I also involved the children in many activities, providing a stimulating learning environment to ensure all areas of child development are met. I then, went on to have two children of my own, staying at home with them until the youngest started school. During this time we regularly visited the library, went swimming, attended weekly children's groups - such as mums and tots, gym for kids, playgroups. We spent time socializing at the park, took part in play dates and much more. In 1996 I returned to my career in a Day Nursery in the private sector of education and after 2 years I moved to the school board, working within a classroom setting as a Teaching Assistant within a reception classroom (4 year olds) setting. During my time with the school board I completed many courses including: Behavior Management Training, Early Learning Goals, numerous Literacy workshops and training courses, Foundation Stage Profiling, Children and Computers, Somerset Total Communication (sign language) and many more. I became involved in the school's introduction to Forest School, which originated in Scandinavia. The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire children of any age through positive outdoor play and learning experiences. In 2004 the Department of Education introduced a status for selected, well qualified and experienced teaching assistants to become Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA). I was lucky enough to take part in a governmental pilot scheme - it was one of the first in the country and only 30 applicants were chosen. This status enabled me to teach classes of children under the direction of the class teacher. I assumed the role of HLTA for a further 2 years before immigrating to Canada. During this time I wrote an article in a Department of Education (UK) Publication. In my spare time I ran the local Brownie Pack with a group of 20 girls aged between 7 and 11 years. I volunteered with the guiding association for more than 5 year, initially become involved as a parent helper, when my daughter joined. Since moving to Canada I have worked within a regular Daycare setting and am currently working with immigrant families, teaching their children to speak English. In November 2007 I took a home child care course at Childreach to ensure I fully understood all Canadian rules and regulations. My full CPR and First Aid certification expired recently and I would be more than happy to retake the course and become certified once again. I also have a Police Clearance Check and Vulnerable Persons Screening. Since moving to Canada from the UK in 2006 I have worked in a non-profit daycare and also for LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) taking care of children with English as their second Language. In 2008 I decided to start my own home daycare, providing a personal childcare service. I My home-based program focuses on an informal learning style through play. By providing children with a wide variety of stimuli, environments and experiences children will learn about themselves, other people and the world around them. A positive play experience enhances positive emotional well being and having many years of insight into child development I understand how to stimulate, encourage and interact to give children the confidence to develop their natural curiosity, thus promoting an inquisitive, enthusiastic mind. Encouraging independence develops self-esteem, good social skills and self-confidence. My program involves many community activities, such as storytimes, a music program at the Central library, community playgroups, as well as trips to the playgrounds and parks. We go to the woods frequently to explore the natural playground, we go "camping" in the woods where we build campfires, shelters and enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows toasted over cardboard. During the summer we go to the beach, cool down in the splash pads and wading pools. Some of the children I care for have Storybook Gardens passes, as do I pack a lunch and spend days knee-deep in the sand pit and looking for treasure in the pirate ship!. I am now looking for a position as a nanny as I would like a secure, long-term position. In recent years my numbers have been fluctuating due to maternity leaves, children moving on to school and there doesn't seem to be the number of families looking for care as when I first started.

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