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  • Kara P - 20 year old Female
    Hi I'm Kara and I'm a nice girl. I love kids I know how to take care of them really well. I can watch up to 2 and over I've been taking care Of babies and children since I was young so I can Take care of them go no worries ☺

  • Keshia I - 19 year old Female
    I live with my sister and her two children (16 month old and a 3 month old). I help her do everything she needs even a little more. I cook clean and help her boy solve simple daily problems. I have worked for another lady up until a couple years ago with her 3 girls. I babysat them pretty much full time till the mother quit one of her jobs. I'm very paitent and caring i love kids in general. I come from a family of 6 me being the oldest so im sure i know what im doing i have no allergies of any kind and im willing to do and help with just about anything you need :)

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