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  • Kate D - 20 year old Female
    Hi! My name is Kate and I'm an outgoing creative person who loves working with children. I'm 20 years old from London, ON and I'm currently taking a year off while completing my Bachelors Degree in English and Psychology at UWO. I was fortunate to be born into a very large family which has given me more than enough experience looking after lots of little ones. On top of looking after my family, I have experience taking care of newborns to preteens, including being a live in nanny to a 6 and 10 year old. I have worked as a camp councillor for a music and theatre camp working with children ages 7-14, as well as working for a summer camp for children with special needs including ADHD, Autism and Down Syndrome. My hobbies include music, theatre, reading, crocheting, crafting, soap making, baking, cooking and hanging out with my nephews who are 8, 6 and 6 months. I love reading with kids and making a different craft everyday. I also have lots of animals at my home so I'm comfortable with dogs, cats, birds and any type of reptile. I'm am currently a full time nanny to two awesome girls who are 3 and 4 but I'm looking to pick up some occasional babysitting work. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Rishita P - 22 year old Female
    I am Rishita. I am looking for parttime job. I can do anything for job. I am very hardworking.Kindly see my information.

  • Nikki M - 25 year old Female
    I am 23 years old, and I have lots of experience in child care. I am looking to obtain a live out nanny position. I have my collage diploma in child and youth work, and have been a previous nanny for a family of 5 children before I went to school. I have been babysitting since I was 14 years old. I love to be outdoors and create fun games for the children both educational and imaginative!

  • Allison B - 20 year old Female
    Hello! I am a 20 year old female looking for a full time, part time, or on call child care position. I am a third year student in an honours science program looking for summer employment. I live in the N6A area however I would prefer to come to you for child care. Start date: I do have an exam for a Human Brain course I am taking online this summer on the 23 so I would be able to start late afternoon on June 24th or first thing Wednesday June 25th. Availability: I have 0 time commitments currently! This means I am available on call, full time or part time! Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekdays and weekends- I am always available. Wage: My wage is negotiable depending on how many hours you require of me. I understand the reason you need a sitter is because you yourself could not be there for work or whatever reason, and hiring a nanny for long periods of time can get expensive! This being said for one child, 8 hours a day I would ask for $50 ($250 for 40 hours a week), for two children I would ask for $70 a day ($325 for 40 hours a week), I would not feel comfortable taking care of more then 2 children under the age of 8 as I like to dedicate my undivided attention to the children I am in charge of. Experience: In my previous summer babysitting experiences I have babysat for a 5 year old boy. I love to incorporate educational aspects into my child care. When I had done so over the summer for this little boy he actually returned to school in the fall and it was suggested that he skip a grade. He could calculate double digit addition, subtraction and multiplication. As I continued to care for him over the summers, when he went into grade 2 he had a grade 7 reading level. I have also been involved in numerous art projects. Additionally I also have volunteered for 5 years at a senior community centre and lead a senior's art program. I was previously a beach body coach so I know the importance of incorporating healthy meals and physical activity into daily lives. I am also captain of my campus cheerleading team so I am very experienced in organizing events and getting people active and enthusiastic. Additionally I was also an executive on my residence's health and wellness committee so I have experience teaching and educating others on the importance of personal well-being. This could be especially important if you child is a little set in their ways! I know of different ways to add nutrients to meals in fun ways without the meal "tasting" like a healthy meal! I completed a university course on behaviour modification so I know the appropriate ways to handle a child when they are misbehaving, and how to appropriately change this behaviour. I have completed a certified babysitting course provided by Red Cross which included CPR and first aid training. If necessary I can submit a scanned copy of this document and a copy of my resume should you be interested in my services. I have experience with children of all ages. However, when it comes to babies my experience is limited to the care I provided for my younger brother. I did complete a parenting course in high school where I had to take care of a baby by myself for three days and my actions, or lack of, were recorded on the electronic baby. On this assignment I received a 95%, losing only 5% because I didn't scan the electronic response bracelet properly before I responded to the child. Additional details: I am comfortable around animals of all kinds, I have taken care of dogs, cats, and other small animals. I have a hedgehog and fish of my own as well. I am also comfortable with doing a few extra chores for you while you're out such as tidying up, cleaning up dishes after meals, laundry or pretty much any other chores you can think of. I do not have any allergies. You can contact me any time this week for on-call, full time or part time child care for the following week or to schedule future dates.

  • Brittany F - 22 year old Female
    I'm 22. graduate from Fanshawe college in Fitness and health promotion. I speak fluent in french and english. I have FA/CPR. I can work around my school schedule. I don't drive.(getting my g2s this summer hopefully when I can go home)

  • Hannah P - 23 year old Female
    Hi there, my name is Hannah and I am a student at Fanshawe College currently taking Respiratory Therapy. I have previously graduated from the Developmental Service Worker program and the Autism and Behavioural Science program. I have had many years of experience with children - with and without disabilities. I have enjoyed working one on one but also I am experienced with small groups having worked in summer programmes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and assisting within the classroom setting for elementary and high school. As an aunt now myself I have also become comfortable with newborns and toddlers. While completing and after my education, I worked in home and group home settings. One of the clients I have been working for has multiple physical needs requiring additional skills with G-tube feeding and medication administration, use of lift for wheelchair transfer and wheelchair accessible van training. Some of my hobbies include reading, swimming, walking my dog, playing piano, baking, playing games and movies

  • Toni H - 21 year old Female
    I love caring for children!! I'm a fun energetic 21 year old female who is willing to take on any household responsibility you would like and to primarily take care of your children! I love cooking, baking, cleaning, (involving your kids in all of that of course!), as well as crafts, fun, playing indoors and outdoors, swimming, etc!! I love animals so any house hold pets are fun for me as well!

  • Sarah S - 23 year old Female
    I am a single white Canadian female. I speak English. I have my Early Childhood Education Diploma. I am Registered with the College of ECE. I am an energetic, punctual, and happy person. I love working with children, spending time with them, and watching them grow. I love to research so if I do not have the knowledge to do something I will look it up and find the answer. I was born in London, Ontario, Canada. I went to Grosvenor nursery school and part of my elementary school in London, Ontario. At age 5, our family moved to the United States. We lived in Arizona and in Pennsylvania. When we moved to the states, I was home schooled. I home schooled until the end of high school. Home schooling gave me many opportunities to spend time helping and being with young children. From the age of 6, I helped with all the little children around me. I learned so many different approaches to dealing with and raising children. There were some people's ideas that I thought were sound, some were off the wall. I took a babysitting course when I was 10 and a half years old. I started to babysit for families right away. When I was in grade 7, another home school family needed help with their children. The mom had broken her ankle and could not clean her home, do meal preparation, or do all the home schooling activities needed to teach her children. She hired my sister and I to help in these areas. We did gym with the boys by taking them to the park or playing game out in the snow. We helped them do the assignments that she had given to them. We tutored them when needed. We cleaned the house, made meals, and took the boys on outings to the library. We continued to help the family on and off for about 6 years. Even when the boys were put back into school, we continued to pick them up from school and care for them. I have babysat for other families as well. When I was in grade 6, I was given an awesome opportunity to help at Grosvenor Nursery School in London, Ontario. I help the children with crafts, play time, joined in circle time, getting ready to go outside, and when working on literacy activities. I was given the chance to help prepare snack as well. This was to give me a chance to see all aspects of a Nursery School so I could decide if this was what I wanted to do. I loved being with the children and watching them progress and grow. I graduated from Clonlara High School in Michigan, U.S.A. with my grade 12. I went to Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC. I took a Early Childhood Education Program. However, I found that it was better to be back in Ontario close to family. After one semester, I transferred to Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. I continued to take my Early Childhood Education Program. It was an awesome program which I enjoyed. I graduated from Mohawk in June 2011. I was employed by two companies upon completing my ECE. I worked for Next to Mom Day Care in Belmont, Ontario as a fill in teacher and worked with infant to age 5. I worked for Child Reach in London, Ontario. At Child Reach, I developed children teaching materials, fixed teaching materials, ran the leaning library, and helped mom's look after their children. Since September 2011 to present, I have been working at Kids and Company Day Care in London, Ontario. At Kids and Company, I have been cleaning, snack preparation, teaching in all classrooms (infant to age 12), and going on field trips. I dislike it when people do not tell the truth. I do not enjoy cooking but am able to do it. I enjoy cleaning, spending time with my family and friends, reading, crafts, puzzles, pets, and computer games.

  • Julie J - 43 year old Female
    I am a mature female looking to be a live out nanny for your young child(ren). I have my E.C.E., first aid/cpr and have worked in childcare for 8 years. I have a reliable car.

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