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  • Kanji F - 39 year old Female
    I'm a mother of three children, 2 boys and 1 young girl. I love children! I'm also reliable and trustworthy and I am punctual. Also I am good with kids.

  • Kimberly L - 24 year old Female
    Over the years, I have worked with children ranging from newborn to adolescents. I have been employed at the General Santos Doctors' Hospital, a tertiary hospital located in the district, for almost three years, both as a ward and an Emergency Room nurse. I am very passionate and committed to working with children. It is a real joy and very rewarding to watch their growth and development on a daily basis. I worked closely with the families and helped to implement daily schedules and goals for them. I enjoy working with children for several reasons: I find their ideas to be inspiring and creative and their energy to be contagious. I also enjoy being a part of a network of people who are able to offer children learning opportunities and explanations about the world around us. The part I enjoy the most about this field is the bond you form with the children and their families and the enjoyment on their faces when they have completed a task well. I enjoy the socialization aspect of this job and seeing the positive outcomes of growth in them.

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